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​We specialise in the diagnosis and repair of problems associated with the Lucas fuel injection systems as fitted to Triumph TR5/6, some models of Maserati cars and some race cars that run versions of this system.

Lucas metering unit as fitted to Triumph TR5/6 models.

These units are now re-manufactured with specials seals that are compatible with unleaded fuels.

We can supply early or late type injectors for TR systems on an exchange basis. These injectors have new precision machined nozzles which supply a perfect atomised spray for optimum fuel atomisation.

New or reconditioned Pressure relief valves (PRV) are now available on an exchange basis. These PRV’s come calibrated but fuel pressure should always be checked and reset if necessary once installed onto the vehicle.

Lucas fuel injection systems have sometimes had bad press concerning reliability and smooth operation, when in most cases we find the causes are due to other factors such as water in the fuel, bad quality unleaded fuel which can lead to O ring seal degradation inside the metering units and failure of the Lucas fuel pump, lack of maintenance in changing fuel filters etc. On some cars where the customer has complained of bad running, we have discovered problems completely unrelated to the fuel system.

Over the years we have accumulated the test equipment and knowledge to enable us to diagnose the problems quickly and efficiently saving our time and your money.

We work closely with companies such as KMI and precision Injection in the UK who are leading suppliers of service or exchange units for these Lucas systems.  In cases where the metering unit is a rare item as on some early Maserati or race cars, then the customers own unit can be rebuilt, calibrated and returned. All Lucas service/exchange units supplied and fitted by us, carry a 12 months no quibble guarantee.

garage andreas, tr specialists, lucas fuel injection, classic car garage, sw france

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One of the weakest points of the Lucas system as fitted to the Triumph cars is the fuel pump. This was in fact a modified wiper motor which was expected to work continuously for hours/days/years on end! Clearly this was not going to happen and over the years this has been the main bug bear with these systems, when they get hot they simply vaporise the incoming fuel and the car either runs rough or stops altogether.

The solution is simple, we can now offer the Bosch replacement pump system for these cars which is a fit and forget system, we have fitted several of these systems over the years and can confidently report a 100% success rate.

This stunning Triumph TR250 just in for complete overhaul of the Lucas Fuel injection system and conversion to Bosch fuel pump supply system.  This car arrived with us running on 4 cylinders and not 6, puffing out clouds of black smoke and not very happy at all.

The French owner was delighted with the results when collecting the car and has participated in several local classic car rallies to date and has reported that the car is running “like a Swiss watch” on a recent trip to St, Tropez with excellent fuel consumption!

If you feel you car has lost its performance edge then why not let me give you an appraisal with no obligation, we can road test the vehicle with you to experience any loss of power. Contact us here

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garage andreas, tr specialists, lucas fuel injection, classic car garage, sw france
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