It’s been a long time since I posted on my blog and I apologise for that. I hope going forward I can publish regular posts for your interest.


We attended the 61st Grand Prix at Nogaro recently staged by Peter Auto, who incidentally always puts on a great race programme. I was fortunate enough to participate in his Tour Auto of 97 in a Ferrari 275GTB 6 carburettor car which I extensively prepared for the event including a full engine build.

Nogaro saw a very nice turn out of cars although a large contingent of English competitors were not able to make it across the water due to COV-ID which was a real shame. Anyway there was a lot of close and great racing including dicing of Lola T70 both open and closed versions, De Tomaso Pantera, Lots of E types, Lotus Cortina and Mini, which were giving the bigger cars a hard time! It was also quite an emotional and proud day for me to see my son there who is now a trainee Marshall under the expert guidance of Nick Cave a senior Marshall there. I sincerely hope that Peter Auto will make this a regular event on his calendar.