Cars for Sale / Véhicules à Vendre


Most of our cars are sold on a commission basis, if you are considering selling then please contact us and allow us to give you a detailed appraisal of the current market value of your car and also the most appropriate route to market for your vehicle. We have followed the European classic car market, both private sales and auctions, over the last 35 years and this gives us an unequalled insight into past, current and possible future trends in the market, along with a vast network of industry contacts, allowing us to obtain optimum sales terms for our clients. We can arrange delivery throughout Europe and the rest of the world using reputable transporters. (Please note: Prices expressed in £ Sterling or $ US are converted on the basis of the official exchange rate at the date of signature of the contract.)


If you are considering investing in a classic car, Garage Andreas offer buyers advice on which marque and model will suit your requirements, undertaking in-depth research and locating a vehicle suitable for purchase. If instructed to proceed, we can then negotiate on your behalf, obtaining a favorable purchase price.

As a supplementary sales service, Garage Andreas can be instructed to inspect a vehicle on your behalf which you may have sourced yourself, prior to purchase. For this, a fixed rate of €600 per inspection is charged.  Included with a full mechanical inspection, is a check on all paperwork, in-depth research into the provenance of the car, and a report provided with a detailed appraisal and an unbiased opinion on whether to buy or not and what investment value that vehicle may have.

Although €600 may appear to be a high price to pay for an inspection, compared to discovering that your prized classic is maybe not a matching numbers car, that someone else still has title to the car, or it has some serious mechanical problem not evident to the untrained eye, it can be money very well spent. Lastly, most of the cars we inspect and purchase on behalf of our clients we now maintain in our workshops, so we have a vested interest in finding the best possible car for you. (Travel costs, if applicable, are excluded).

Following your purchase, we can arrange shipping, importation, obtaining a Carte Grise, and registration with the FFVE.

À Vendre

La plupart de nos voitures sont vendues sur une base de commissionnement. Si vous envisagez de vendre un véhicule, nous nous ferons un plaisir de discuter avec vous de sa valeur sur le marché actuel. Depuis 35 ans, nous suivons avec attention le marché des ventes classiques et des ventes aux enchères, ce qui nous donne un aperçu inégalé des tendances passées, actuelles et futures possibles du marché.

Nos ateliers peuvent expertiser votre véhicule et vous fournir un rapport détaillé à des fins d’assurance. La valeur sera déterminée sur une valeur marché, tenant compte de l’état général, des améliorations et des restaurations qui ont pu être réalisées. Nous effectuons également les expertises pré-achat pour que vous soyez certain de l’état du véhicule que vous souhaitez acheter. Nous sommes en mesure d’organiser la prise en charge et le transport de tout véhicule en Europe et dans le reste du monde.












If you are interested in one of our cars, we prefer clients to contact us initially via email.

Please note that the description and the price of the vehicle are for general information only. Garage Andreas does not guarantee against inaccuracy or reliability due to translation or printing errors. The information does not represent in any way a contractual commitment, you advised to verify independently the features and provenance of the vehicle.