Peter Morgan Ferrari 365 GT4 V12
Here, we are replacing a head gasket and exhaust manifolds on a Ferrari 400 V12. Using genuine Ferrari head gaskets is a must on these engines as they can burn lesser quality head gasket material very quickly, resulting in the whole operation needing to be carried out all over again.
Peter Morgan's Ferrari 365 GT4 Engine Rebuild
Over the years we have acquired all of the tools to undertake operations like this in-house with ease, saving the customer both time and money.
The Ferrari engine all reassembled after replacement of the head gaskets and new Stainless steel exhaust manifolds installed, final tuning of carburettors and then road test. Most mechanics would find the sight of these Weber carburettors daunting just to look at never mind having to set them up. If your Ferrari is running a little off tune why not let us set it up as it should be and start enjoying that lovely V6, V8 or V12 sound again.