We work closely with companies such as KMI and precision Injection in the UK who are leading suppliers of service or exchange units for these Lucas systems. In cases where the metering unit is a rare item as on some early Maserati or race cars, then the customers own unit can be rebuilt, calibrated and returned. All Lucas service/exchange units supplied and fitted by us, carry a 12 months no quibble guarantee.
The Lucas system as fitted to a Triumph TR5 with our modified underslung throttle linkage. We set up all the throttle butterflies which is often overlooked by garages that do not fully understand these Lucas systems. We check the butterflies again with the engine running using 6 Vacuum gauges to balance the inlet tracts perfectly.
TR250 Lucas Injection
This Triumph TR5 came crawling into our workshops running on 4 cylinders due to the injection system digesting water.  We rebuilt the metering unit with Ethanol resistant seals, taking the opportunity to convert the fuel pump system to the modified Bosch set up with larger fuel filter system. On completion the client drove the car to the South of France and back, a round trip of some 800kms with out missing a beat.
Triumph TR6 Lucas
This TR6 came in for a full fast road engine build which meant we had to modify the Lucas fuel system to match the camshaft profile and the extra fuelling required for the ported and polished cylinder head. We incorporated a K&N air filter system as we discovered sometime ago that these Lucas fuel systems run far better on cold air.