Working on an MG TF brake system the other day I noticed something quite interesting regarding aftermarket parts, this problem is not new to me and I am becoming very disillusioned with some, so called ‘aftermarket quality’ parts suppliers.

The brake cylinder on the right of this picture is an old Girling rear brake cylinder the one on the left the replacement. You may look at these and say they look identical, well I can assure you they are quite different.

MG TF Handbrake

The replacement on the left although looks the same it does not have the correct angle and leverage in the operating arm for the handbrake attachment which is the small hole you see at the top of the lever arm. When installed onto the vehicle you have the problem that when you install the handbrake cable you cannot engage the cable onto the handbrake lever itself as the operating arm on the brake cylinder does not have enough movement to allow you to connect up the cable.

Solution, order 2 new Delphi brake cylinders, install and hey presto! Perfect. These non fitting pattern parts were supplied by a reputable MG dealer and once the problem was bought to his attention he agreed that the quality was questionable and replaced them free of charge no questions and said that he would remove any others from stock.

Incidentally the replacement quality Delphi cylinders were cheaper than the non fitting pattern parts!