Back on the MGB engine, I installed the crankshaft on a dry assembly and found that it did not turn over too well which needless to say was rather disappointing. Having said that, it is of course the whole point of dry assembly rather than finding out that all is not well once everything has been cleaned for final assembly.

MGB Crankshaft

So, the next step was to try and find out why this problem was occurring, so I removed the crankshaft and inspected the bearing surfaces for any marks. No clues at all!

Next step was to mark up all the journals with engineers blue, then re-install the crankshaft and see if the crank is touching or not. As can be seen from the photo, the crankshaft seems to be touching only half the bearing surface, I would guess the bearing crush is not correct. The bearings fitted to this engine were supplied by the clients friend, they are a brand made in Israel, I have not had much to do with them in the past and have heard mixed reports about quality. I have always been a Vandervell bearing fan in the past but these seem to be hard to obtain these days.

Anyhow at this stage having measured up every thing else I am suspecting the bearings are not up to spec, so I have ordered a set of AE bearings and will install those. This photo shows the results of the engineers blue test.MGB Crankshaft 2