Another photo from our archive.

The year 1980, the car was MWP 60T which if my memory serves me correctly was Peter Morgan’s daily driver, here I had just returned from final road test with a very sore back due to the stiff suspension set up! We had just finished preparing the car at Libra Motive in Rosemont road for the 1980 Monte Carlo rally, for drivers Phillip Young sadly no longer with us and navigator the great Tony Ambrose. All sorts of modifications were carried out on the car from stiffer suspension, massive chassis sump guard, knobbly tyres and extra spot lamps. We even welded special brackets to the front crosshead to allow quick jacking in case of a puncture or wheel damage from rocks on the mountain stages!

The Cortina to the right of the photo was our service vehicle all loaded up ready to go. The funny thing was, Rob Wells hung up his helmet on this one and was along with me as service crew! I’m not sure if Terry Foxen was on as crew as well but hopefully he will respond!

I believe MWP 60T is now a private road car, if anyone knows of the whereabouts perhaps they can drop me a line through my website.

Morgan MWP60T 1980 Monte Carlo Rally