We undertake specific improvements to the Morgan braking system that produces a much better feel to the pedal effort, a problem on cars without servo’s! We modify the suspension in stages which allows you to feel and appreciate the differences produced, also spreading the cost for cost conscious owners.

Engine work is an area we specialise in, we listen to the client and try to produce an engine tailored to their specific needs. This could be a standard rebuild, mildly tuned for the road to make it that little bit crisper, or a race prepared engine to meet the rules criteria for the given championship the owner maybe competing in.

Andreas has always had a passion for woodwork and this has tied in greatly with Morgan Ash framework of which he particularly enjoys. Having completed a carpentry course he is always keen to show off his skills in producing wood replacement sections or complete Ash frames when required. Over the years we have accumulated a stock of well seasoned Ash specifically for this purpose.