Working on the Rolls Royce Phantom 11 engine today getting all the clutch/flywheel components together to assemble the clutch housing.

This is a job that requires some patience and a methodical approach to re-assembly, you do not want to leave out anything at this stage as it will ultimately mean removing the engine from the chassis again which is not a 5 minute job!

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Clutch

Having riveted all the new clutch linings to the plates, it is now time to install the clutch linings and central drive plate into the housing. One thing about working on Rolls Royce cars is that every single item is marked with the engine number and all parts are marked for correct alignment and correspondence. The attention to detail in these Rolls Royce Phantom 11 engine is amazing.

Rolls Royce Phantom2 Clutch assembly