As a direct result of demand, we have over the past year invested in specialist cleaning equipment comprising of Tumbler and Ultrasonic machines to reproduce both the finish and quality of components when rebuilding SU and Weber carburettors to the most exacting standards.

Our SU parts are purchased direct from Burlen Fuel Systems in England who are the sole manufacturers of replacement parts for SU, Zenith and Amal carburettors. We have over 30 years experience of rebuilding and tuning Weber carburettors.

This is an example of how we sometimes receive carburettors for overhaul, most of the time complete and still on the vehicle but occasionally they arrive with parts missing!

This can be a little troublesome especially if the carburettor is a rare item. If it is an SU this can be a little easier as Burlen Fuel Systems re-manufacture rare and obsolete parts.

These carburettors will be completely stripped, inspected and rebuilt. The only parts we normally re-use are the main bodies, float chambers and linkages although these are replaced if worn.

Here we have a pair of SU carburettors as fitted to Jaguar MK2 3.8 manual, fully refurbished and ready to install.

SU Carburettors